I sometimes think about what is :adult:

Recentry I suddenly find an answer, adult don´t have contradiction in the life.

All people have both aspect of adult and childish, of course.
It is sure that I felt you have grown-up thinking when you have consistent behavior and thought with harmony.
maybe I won´t need think about this matter. Not real question for me. But still I have curious untill 60years old.
behaviour become attitude..

A known person said :what is adult: is from body. When body stop chenging, for example women finish term.., suddenly and guradually people forget desire.

curious. All of us probably will experience.

And also I would mention about I found another answer for my important point of view.

I bring myself sometimes not comfortable feeling, mostly this year, and complecate, because of my imagination and analysing for human. But i wouldn´t do really from now.


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