Septembeam / VZÁŘÍ (EN)

I joined a light festival in Olomouc, called Septembeam / VZÁŘÍ. 
It was held during 24.Sep-26.2015.
web site : SEPTEMBEAM

I like Olomouc, because of nice heritages, 2nd biggest university making good atmosphere, many cultural events and warm people. :)
I had been in here for movie and animation festival in last winter. 
web site : PAF

The space of exhibition was a shelter. 
There was made for the cold war. I heard there is never used finally.

I installed work of reflection with glasses and sound of melting ice.
The shelter is kind of experience of time-trip. And humidity was 90 percent.
After exhibiting, I felt compatibility between the space and light work.
Because, in my impression, they have many opposite elements.
i.e. static and move, dark and blight, colour.
It had never happened to me in white cube..
That was really nice opportunity to know about this invention.

In the end, Thank you for inviting to the festival.
I'd like to say that nice to see you. :)

And last night I went Olomouc again for see the presentation by Václav Cigler and Michal Motičky.
That was really fantastic.
We saw many images of exhibition space,And he said,
"Každy prostor je novy."
I like the feeling of keeping exciting and curiosity from the first impression.
I become happy from this word even I couldn't captured many words.
I got energy from yesterday:)

And I could go back to home because of train was late 20min.
Too perfect day :)ha

Thank you for reading.


I borrowed photos via facebook . Thank you!

photo © Zdeněk Sodoma

the shelter's entrance locates in the middle of nice park. 


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