4月の中旬から今まで、本当にあっというまに過ぎているなぁ と思う

After Easter holiday, days passed amazing quick. 

About end of April I went to Cesky Krumlov.
I had been there only winter . In winter this park wasn't green... kirei
Here is colder than Prague.

Please look careflly.

It is the best graffiti I have ever seen..

I feel green of european plants is different from japanese.
Isn't it?
Definitely here has more nature , plants and flowers.

Next week I have 3 presentations. 
I have to do a lot of works .

But I'm sometimes thinking about my friends already started working.
Almost they have been working a year.
This fact encourage me.

" 90% is bitter and the rest is delight ,in time of creative "


festína lente

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